The Company is following a licensing business model which seeks to develop new solutions through to market readiness, and work with commercial partners and distributors to leverage this in the market.

Your success is our success. Microbide Limited is headquartered in the Dublin Docklands Innovations Park, East Wall, Dublin 3, Ireland and is within 15 minutes of Dublin International Airport, as well as easy access to Dublin Port.

The Company has inaugurated an office in Raichur, Karnataka, India during 2013. This will ultimately provide a base of operations in Asia for manufacturing, packaging, labeling and local distribution.

Microbide Limited is fortunate to have attracted an outstanding group of dedicated consultative expertise to support the Company’s activities from research & development, to products registration, legal and intellectual property management, world-class medical / veterinary capabilities, business development and marketing understanding. Most of the team have significant pharmaceutical or consumer products backgrounds with Fortune 100 companies.