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Research & Development that leads to patents and commercially relevant opportunities are a feature of Microbide Limited. Our aim is to improve the human condition through meaningful discoveries that are translated into products that are easy to use, safe and effective, and better than anything else in its class on the market today.

Microbide will continue to patent our technologies.

The portfolio considers a number of different developments and applications beyond the currently approved patents indicated below:

Martin, AP and Skelly, MG. “Method of Stabilising an Aldehyde.” US 8,252,844 B2 published 28th August 2012.

Patent agent: Roy Taberer,
Partner at McCallum Rademeyer & Freimond
South Africa

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The invention relates to a method of manufacturing a stable aldehyde-surfactant complex solution wherein at least one aldehyde is added to a surfactant in a first aliquot of water, at a temperature of between 40° C. to 50° C., the aldehyde is allowed to interact with the surfactant or detergent, in a complexing reaction, for at least 15 minutes whilst maintaining the temperature between 40° C. to 50° C. to produce an aldehyde-surfactant complex solution, and a second aliquot of water is added after at least 15 minutes to cool the aldehyde-surfactant complex solution to below 40° C. to stop the reaction.

Patent has been fully assigned to Microbide Limited as of December 2011.

Filed in 57 countries, and approved in the USA and others.
Additional application specific patent filings are expected. 
Download the full patent in PDF. US8252844_Microbide_Patents