Applications for Aldehydes

Specific aldehydes are formulated with specific surfactants and buffered at a neutral pH to provide the basis of all formulations. The result, a micro-emulsion of micelles aggregated to provide slow release of the activated biocidal aldehyde. Read more: Microbide Patents.

Stabilised aldehydes have the ability to be:

Disinfectants, sanitisers, fungicides, tuberculocides, virucides, and much more.  As antimicrobial agents, or biocides,  aldehydes are useful in:

  • hospital, veterinary and laboratory premises/equipment disinfection and sterilisation
  • water purification and sanitation, such as such as ponds, pools, flood water andsewage water
  • farm and food security from pathogens – commercial egg hatcheries, aquaculture, poultry/livestock housing and equipment, animal feeding and watering equipment
  • abattoirs hospital, veterinary and laboratory premises/equipment
  • consumer cleaning products such as laundry and hard surface cleaners
  • oil recovery drilling muds and secondary oil recovery injection water
  • commercial/industrial evaporative condensers and heat exchanger water systems
  • in the manufacture of a variety of materials as a preservative: cleaners, adhesives, paper and paperboard, water based coatings, latex paints, inks and dyes,  plastics and industrial coatings
  • certain aldehydes are also approved for use as preservatives in food and cosmetics products

“The global market has evolved significantly over the past few years as more efficient and premium biocides are replacing the commodity biocides market across regions. Increasing market awareness and better government support along with new regulations are expected to boost the market for premium biocidal products during the forecasted period.”