Agri-Security & Animal Biosecurity

The protection of the agricultural and agri-food sector against deliberate acts that would be harmful to any vulnerable points of the agricultural infrastructure to deliver a secure, pathogen free source of food and processed food stuffs is the aim of agri-security. In fact there are also naturally occurring microbial incidents that also reduce the over-all efficiency of farm productivity.

It is a balancing act. However, by understanding what microbial issues could get out of control, and what vulnerabilities the farm has, a plan may be drawn up to address these before a problem presents itself.

In many areas where antibiotics have previously been used to ensure animal growth and weight gain, the only alternative is to move toward probiotics and prebiotics as a feed enhancement, and to thoroughly address sanitation and hygienic conditions.

Animal biosecurity, a subset of agri-security, relates to microbial control of livestock, meat animals, dairy cows and buffalo, as well as egg producers from farm-to-fork. It is well known that animals reared in an area of minimal microbial load thrive better, gain weight faster, and mature to provide an economically attractive protein source. Protecting our farms and then our processing facilities plays an integral role in ensuring a safe source of meat for the global population.