Consumer Products

Most fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) have a requirement for preservation in order to be shipped into the market and maintained on a store shelf long enough to be purchased. In this category there are many niche products where biocides are used as preservatives. These include everything from mascara, to shampoos, products for pet care and personal care products. As such, the ingredients must meet strict health and safety standards as assessed by regulatory bodies prior to market entry.

Aside from personal care products, hard surface cleaning, and laundry a great many products benefit from the inclusion of biocides either in their formulation or packaging. Ensuring that a kitchen table is not only clean but sanitary or disinfected means that the spread of germs from uncooked food is greatly reduced.

Biocides when used in dilute amounts provide a level of confidence that products won’t “go off” within a short time. Preservatives can be formulated to meet the unique requirements of consumer products in liquids, sprays, gels, and foams.