Heavily soiled laundry, or textiles that have come into contact with human blood, sputum, or body fluids may act as harbors for communicable disease. Even non-infected clothing or bedding, if not washed appropriately and frequently, may become a surface where biofilms cling and provide a substrate for the putrefaction of sweat and soil.

Soap and laundry detergents use surfactants (surface acting agents) to lift soil from the surface of cloth and disrupt biofilms. However while these are contained in wash and rinse water they may re-attach and re-infect the laundry load if not addressed.

The world moves toward using water more responsibly

And the amount of water used in laundry applications will come under increased stress. The appropriate use of biocides in pre-washes, detergents, and rinses becomes an imperative.
Microbide is working on the development of a series of laundry biocides for specific commercial situations: hospital and nursing care laundries, commercial laundries for abattoirs, prisons, cruise ships, schools and hotels.