Our Chemistries

Microbide Limited is developing a number of formulation solutions that are micellized forms of chemicals in the aldehyde class. Aldehydes are organic compounds containing a formyl functional group, with the structure R-CHO:


A dialdehyde is an organic chemical compound with two aldehyde groups. Aldehydes are highly reactive and participate in many reactions. When used as a biocide, aldehydes react irreversibly with sterically unhindered nitrogen containing compounds.

Microbide uses these aldehydes as starting components for our stabilized aldehyde complexes which are micellized colloidal suspensions.

Please use the drop down list to find out more about the aldehydes that Microbide Limited uses most frequently.


• Acetaldehyde

• Propionaldehyde

• Butyraldehyde

• Pentanal

• Hexanal

• Hepatanal

• Octanal

• Nonanal

• Benzaldehyde

• Cinnamaldehyde

• Tolualdehyde

• Furfural

• Retinaldehyde


• Glyoxal

• Malondialdehyde

• Succindialdehyde

• Glutaraldehyde

• Adipaldehyde

• Phthalaldehyde